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Feb 2015

Steven Wilson - BBH London

Starting on the 6th April and running until the 6th May, Steven Wilson will be exhibiting a series of new imagery at BBH London. The exhibition is called 'Wordplay' and on display will be 10 pieces. One of which will be 'Mirror Image' - shown here.

Kate Moross - One Direction

February 2015 saw the beginning of One Direction’s, One The Road Again, 2015 tour, starting in Sydney. Kate Moross and her team at Studio Moross were in charge of the tour branding, which included creating the tour poster, the opening tour film, song films and probably most importantly of all the stage design. Here, we show you the tour poster design.

Cat Garcia - Beatrix Ong

Cat Garcia shoots portraits of designer Beatrix Ong ahead of the launch of her new fashion collaboration 'SpongeBob by Beatrix Ong'.

James Joyce - Kiehl's

James Joyce was commissioned by Kiehl's to design the limited edition product packaging for Mothers Day USA 2015. From this month onwards, you can pick up a gift set and see James's design both instore and online.

Douglas Bowden - Nike

A new animation detail this month from Douglas Bowden for Nike and specifically Nike Shine and the launch of a new lightweight training jacket. More to come on this...

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