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Dec 2014

Andy Gilmore - The Petals

​Andy Gilmore creatives a new personal piece - The Petals. A detail of the piece is shown here.

Jessica May Underwood - The New York Times

Jessica May Underwood adventured out to the Ojai Mountains in California with designer Raquel Allegra to document her print collaboration with the designer for The New York Times

Danny Sangra - Fallon

Taking place from the 12th Jan – 20th Feb 2015, Danny Sangra will be exhibiting a selection of his illustrations/graphics and ink drawings at Fallon London

Neal Murren - Pestilence

A new piece from Neal Murren - Pestilence. Mediums of watercolour, pastel and pencil.

Neal Murren - Summer Garland

A new personal piece from Neal Murren, titled Summer Garland. Medium: pen, pencil, watercolour and collage

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