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Jul 2015

Jessica May Underwood

A new personal fashion piece from Jessica May Underwood - Rolling Stone.

Neal Murren - Race to the Finish

A new piece from Neal Murren - Race to the Finish. Mediums of watercolour, pastel and pencil.

Cat Garcia - Nerina Pallot

Cat Garcia shoots portraits with British singer Nerina Pallot ahead of the release of her new album 'The Sound and the Fury’.

Danny Sangra - Nike

Earlier this month Danny Sangra was commissioned as one of the artists involved to created visuals for a Nike hosted dinner, where his design became a bespoke table top for the event, put on by Seen. Here is a detail of Danny's design.

Matt Blase - The Guardian

Matt Blease illustrated today's Guardian g2 'Text on the beach' cover - 23rd July 2015.

Matt Blease - Monocle

Matt Blease illustrates the essays feature for The Escapist Journal for Monocle Magazine.

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